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Western Differential offers many different types of carriers including open/non-posi, limited-slip, locking and spools.  We also have the many parts to rebuild your carrier; including inner gears, cross shafts and clutch kits. 

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Open or Non-Posi Carriers:

  • Allow both tires to spin at different speeds.
  • Open carriers are available from OEM or aftermarket manufacturers as complete units, or as separate cases and internals.

Limited-Slip Carriers:

  • Also called Positractions, allow the axles to turn at different speeds.
  • The most common types are Auburn, Eaton, Tracloc and Truetrac.

Locking Carriers: 

  • Automatic locking and selectable locking
  • A locker makes both axles turn all the time at the flip of a switch, this ensures that both tires turn in all driving conditions.
  • The most common types are Detroit (Automatic) Locker, ARB Air (Selectable) Locker, Auburn Ected and Eaton Electric (Selectable) Lockers.
  • Air Lockers require an air compressor to run.
  • There are also many vehicles with Factory type lockers either air locking or electric locking.


  • A solid carrier where both axles turn all the time but unlike a locker they cannot disengage.
  • Recommended for racing applications and occasionally in off road applications, not for driving on the street.

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